Composing and Arranging

My Experience - Composing and Arranging

Shaun has completed a number of arrangements and compositions for a variety of instruments. Some free arrangements will be provided on this site fairly soon - so watch this space.

Although, Shaun primarily writes for brass instruments, some of his work is very useful for beginner groups or ensembles where there is not a great deal of experience. These arrangements are set up as four-part pieces with each part being available in a variety of keys. If you have any specific requirements, then please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss things future.

In the meantime, simple visit Danetre Music or Sibelius Score Exchange to have a closer look at the work I have written and arranged.

Teaching - Composing and Arranging

If you want lessons in composition and/or arranging, Shaun is able to offer face-to-face tuition or lessons via Skype. Composition lessons focus on developing a really good musical understanding, not only in terms of instrumental or vocal writing, but on developing extended awareness of theory and deeper listening skills.

If you are studying for your GCSE or A Level in music, Shaun is able to help you develop a wide range of compositional techniques that you can apply to the work you do in school under controlled conditions. You will, of course, not be able to write your actual composition outside of your lesson as this does not fit with the requirements of the controlled conditions that are in place. However, through practicing the techniques regularly you can develop your understanding of how to develop contrast through modulation, timbre, texture, pitch, tempo and so on. This knowledge and awareness can then be used back in the classroom during your school's controlled conditions policy.


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