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Shaun Humphries free resourcesPlease feel free to download any of the articles that are available for those studying music and those wishing to work on personal coaching.

All articles are grouped together as either teaching or coaching resources. You can access what you are looking for by simply clicking the link in the menu bar under the resources tab, or by just clicking the link below:

Teaching Resources

Coaching Resources

If you are a brass player, then head over to my blog called What Brass Players Want. There are around 100 articles on this blog at the moment and they cover topics ranging from preparing for ABRSM exams, breathing, performance and finger charts for valved and slide instruments.

If you are looking to develop your understanding of music theory there are a number of articles available on the What Brass Players Want blog that will be extremely helpful, or you can head over to Un-Dreary Theory and get your own copy of this brand new theory course from Amazon.

Un-Dreary Theory is written by a a music teacher in plain, clear language with a real focus on making the most important points as practical as possible. Improving your understanding of music theory should help you to make music more effectively. The course focuses on providing information that will support the work you are doing on your musical instrument so that you can play with much more musical awareness, understanding and confidence.


If you enjoyed the hypnosis videos, then feel free to check out my YouTube page where there are additional hypnosis videos.


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