November becomes Movember

The month of November is a time when I have the opportunity to annoy those closest to me, but also to raise some important funds to help with men's health through the charity 'Movember'.

This year I have taken on the challenge of growing a moustache. After all, this the most important requirement for those wishing to take part in raising money for this cause.

Movember - The Cause

The Movember cause is a global organisation that aims to provide help and support for testicular cancer, prostrate cancer as well as mental health and suicide prevention.

By 2030, we’ll reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25%.
A pledge made by Movember

To help the cause this year I have decided to grow a 'trucker' moustache and have pledged to move for Movember. My aim is to use the exercise bike I have to cycle a total of 150 miles over the month of November (This is equal to 5 miles per day). As someone that doesn't usually move a great deal, this is quite a hefty challenge. But the point behind it is going to be far reaching for me, and hopefully, for others through the posts I create in this blog.

I am going to look at the effect of regular exercise in terms of mood, motivation and energy levels. Exercise does of course have a large number of benefits in terms of weight loss, but there can be so many other benefits to mood and a feeling of well being.

Please feel free to add any comments relating to this post below, or contact me personally to talk. Feel free to add your donation to my MoBro page!

Move for Movember

Movember help men suffering with mental health problems and support men from dying too young from suicide or other mental health problems.

So after my full, clean shave on November 1st 2017 I have begun the process of exercising and growing my Mo!


Distance travelled - the beginning!


Distance travelled - end of session 1!













The distance travelled is measured in kilometers, and 1km is equal to 0.62 miles. So after day two, my total milage is currently 8 miles. Two miles short but well on the way!