Grade 1 Undreary Theory

Grade 1 Undreary Theory

Grade 1 Undreary TheoryGrade 1 Undreary Theory is great for anyone that wishes to learn about music theory for the first time. It is also brilliant for those that wish to brush up on their knowledge and understanding. The lessons are in plain simple English. Each new lesson builds on the previous learning to develop your understanding and awareness. On completion of this course you will be able to claim your Certificate of Achievement. More importantly, you will be ready to sit, with confidence, your Grade 1 Theory exam with either the ABRSM or Trinity College.

How does the course work?

There are four modules and each of the modules contain 10 short lessons. The intention is that you can complete Grade 1 Undreary Theory within just four weeks. If you want to you can spend as little time, or as much time, as you would like as you develop your theory skills.

Following each lesson there will be a one question, multiple choice quiz. These questions are not assessed and are for you to check your understanding. After lesson Ten there will be an assessment containing 10 questions on what you have learned during the previous 10 lessons. In order to collect your Certificate of Achievement you need to score 80% in all the four module assessments.

What will You study?

  • During the first module, you will learn about notation and how music is written down
  • The second module will show you all about time signatures and what each number means
  • The third module is all about the major scale
  • During the last module you gain confidence with understanding chords, triads and Italian Terms

These four modules cover everything that you will need to take your Grade 1 exam. The quizzes and final assessments help you to embed your knowledge and understanding. If you wish, you can purchase your own copy of Undreary Theory in print. Just visit Undreary Theory for more details about the books, or to find out more.

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