Hypnotherapy – Session Information

shaun-humphries-hypnotherapyTo find out more about the hypnotherapy sessions that I offer, please contact me. You can book a face-to-face hypnotherapy session or just request an MP3 file. Please remember that the hypnotherapy sessions offered are not like the ones that you see on TV. This is stage hypnosis and is purely for entertainment purposes.

During every session you are fully in control and the work done with the sub conscious mind is intended to help you make the personal progress you want. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Your sessions are based around relaxation and suggestions that help you to make your conscious mind settle and allow your sub conscious to take control.

All hypnotherapy sessions are designed around you own personal and particular needs. In order to create your session it is necessary to have a discussion with you in person or via Skype. During this consultation we can explore what you would like to achieve and how hypnotherapy sessions can help you.

You are able to listen to the YouTube videos above, visit my YouTube page or visit my Etsy Store to download an MP3.

Please contact me directly to request your specific, tailor-made hypnotherapy session. If you wish to keep up-to-date with new hypnosis tracks, please do subscribe using the form below.

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