You’ve worked hard developing your teaching style or musical technique.
Now sharpen your thinking!

Improve your concentration …    give your best lessons …    win competitions …   be Ofsted ready with the stress...   get places in the ensembles you want … improve your practice and preparation time …

There is simply nothing more exhilarating than performing and working at your best. Whether you are giving a presentation to colleagues, performing as a soloist or a member of an ensemble or team.

Your Results and Goals

Every single client that attends a life coaching session will develop and benefit in different ways. The direction is which you travel and move your life forward will be in your hands and is a fluid and flexible process. Your own personal experience with coaching will inevitably be entirely individual and unique to you.

During every single session the focus is placed on you and your goals, dreams and the way in which you want your life to develop. It is important to explore and discover the things that are currently holding you back in your life and how you can break through these barriers with confidence and awareness.

The most important goal that you should gain from a life coaching session is greater clarity and understanding of the way in which you work. From this you can maximise your potential and gain the life that you have always wanted.

Will coaching suit ME?

Coaching will be ideal for you if you:

  • want to move your life forward and get out of the rut you find yourself stuck in
  • feel happier and more in control
  • rid yourself of self-doubt and live with confidence
  • remove all of the unnecessary stress from your life
  • feel that life is more than simply just existing day-to-day
  • want to worry less and become more productive
  • change your career

How I like to coach

I am happy to use phone calls, Skype or Face-time or meet with you in person. I will also provide further support via email between sessions and will provide session notes or materials when they are needed.

All sessions are based loosely around the following plan:

  • During the first session we will discuss what you would like to develop and move forward in your life. From this discussion we will start to create a plan and time frame that will lead to you accomplishing your goals.
  • In the next sessions we will look at what is holding you back and creating road block to your success. We will look at the individual obstacles and think about how we can work around them so that you can accomplish your goals. This flexible plan and time frame will be given the space and freedom to adapt and develop, and to keep a good sense of focus there will be occasional tasks set for you to complete along the way.

I work with coaching tools and clear goal setting to help you develop the life you that you want.

Private/Online Coaching

Private coaching gives you, the client, the tools to build a better balance in your life and a clearer understanding of what your priorities are so that you can achieve the success that you want.

Online coaching is a high effective and efficient tool for coaching and using Skype or FaceTime allows not only for a focused one-to-one session but also a means of distributing forms or worksheets as and when they are required in an electronic format.

Coaching Session Details

Sessions are typically around one hour long and I currently offer 6 and 12 week coaching packages. I can provide custom packages - just contact me with your own personal requirements.
I'm available for one-on-one sessions via Skype/Facetime and telephone
I'm available for private coaching in person if you are local.

Depending on your circumstances, I normally recommended at least 4 sessions. (Payment options available - please just ask.)

Shaun Humphries

Hypnotherapy Session Details

Sessions are typically between 60 and 75 minutes long and I offer a 4 week hypnotherapy package, which includes recordings for you to use at home. I can provide different numbers of sessions if required - just contact me with your own personal requirements.
I'm available for one-on-one sessions via Skype/Facetime
I'm available for private coaching in person if you are local



Shaun Humphries D.A. Hyp, NLP Practitioner, Certified Life Coach
Tel: 01280 860022

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